Introducing strongforce: an infrastructure for game engines

The strongforce library is a light-weight framework to build game engines. It provides a backbone for a powerful game loop and helper classes for efficiently implement new game components such as models, renders and simulators. Main framework features include:

  •  Model oriented.
  •  Decoupled simulation and render loops.
  •  Real time simulation loop for integration with physics engines.
  •  Separated read and write stages during simulation to avoid expensive model copies.
  •  Versatile and dynamic visitor pattern to implement the Game Model Hierarchy.
  •  Use of JavaScript functors to quickly implement simple renders or simulators.
  •  Helper classes to ease implementation of Renders and Simulators.
  •  Events for Model to allow asynchronous programming.
  •  Fully control of the loop step and execution.
  •  Careful separation of responsibilities allowing the developer to focus on data model, business logic and rendering process separately.

Strongforce is not a graphic engine, not even a game engine. It is only a proposal for a game architecture and a main loop. You can read more about the framework internals and philosophy of design in the wiki pages of the repository or further in this post. Please feel free to provide any feedback by opening new issues on GitHub.

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