USA, don’t blame yourself

There are few things worse than jet-lag and awaking at 3 AM in San Francisco after a few hours of sleep. One of them is to awake to see Trump won the elections.

I’m Spanish so I lived the winning of the right-wing political ideology at several levels: our own poll results, the Brexit and now this.

I’m reading Twitter, a convenient social network to express opinion and receive proper confirmation of followers. Given my nature and the people I follow, you can guess which kind of comments I’m reading. What I read is mainly frustration, hate and blaming.

Blaming against the other America, the America that let Trump win. But here is the truth, there is no other America. Since the very first moment after the result of the polls, you’re in together for the next 4 years and you’re all responsible for the future of your country.

To blame the other America won’t change the facts. What happened yesterday is history. You can learn from it but you can not change it. Fortunately, you can start worrying about what you will do next.

But blaming will create a false difference between blamers and the people who is blamed. A sense of being questioned and attacked. There will be people taking advantage of it. Those are the enemy. Don’t let them recruit among angry people.

I don’t know, Americans, if the path you are walking will be violent or not but you will need allies, not a fictitious separation.

Go, cry and rant today if you need it but stop blaming your own nation and start making alliances. You will need them.

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